Best Baby & Toddler Sandals for Summer

Friday 15 December 2023
Best Baby & Toddler Sandals for Summer
Young children see the passage of time through seasonal changes to the world around them and it’s essential they have the right footwear for their adventures. The Sun-San range of sandals for toddler girls and boys comes on a super spongy sole which will support their little feet from first steps and onwards, discovering the great outdoors and enjoying special family time through the long summer holiday. Scroll on to discover the best sandals for babies and toddlers …
Sandals For Toddlers: Spotlight on Sailor and Seawee
The Sailor is our newest first-walker style - the best sandals for toddlers and babies learning to walk, it’s been designed especially for little ones on the move. It features lattice leather work over the toes, rust proof buckles and can be worn in the water. Perfect for exploring the rockpools or toddling over the pebbly shoreline, Sailors are great beach sandals for toddlers. They come in six stylish, go-with-everything colours and are available in just the smallest sizes, (UK 2 and 3). We graduate from the Sailor to the Shark which is still in the traditional fisherman style but with increased proportions for slightly older children from UK size 4 and up. If you're looking for award winning sandals this Summer 2023, our Tan Shark is still a winning style having previously won the IndyBest Buy Best Boys Sandals!

Toddler Summer Shoes

Seawees are our cutest adjustable sandals for toddlers and come in ten different colours and finishes. With added flex over the toe and a spongy urethane sole, they are fully adjustable making them the best sandals for toddlers feet, cushioning and protecting every step. From the Seawee we move to the Surfer style, a great all-rounder for slightly older children starting in a UK 4 – you can even twin with your little ones in our Classic two buckle style - a great look for Summer 2023!

And if you can’t resist the charm of a little family coordination or ‘twinning’ as it’s more commonly known, there are several Salt-Water styles that start in a child size and go all the way through to adult. The Shark Original and the Classic are excellent mini me options. Alternatively, you can work some mum and me fashion into your wardrobes this summer by mixing styles but matching colours as above. See this post for inspiration.