Best Salt-Water Sandals for Walking

Friday 24 November 2023
Best Salt-Water Sandals for Walking

Waterproof Sandals for Walking

If you’re planning on exploring the coast or want a pair of flat walking sandals that you can also swim and paddle in - great news - Salt-Water sandals can get wet! Totally up for some water adventure, they are 100% waterproof with rust proof buckles - the best sandals for beach walking and river exploring. When you get them wet, they mould to the unique shape of your foot, creating super comfy sandals that you can walk in all day and making them the most comfortable walking sandals and best travel sandals.

Salt-Water Sandals are the number one choice for people who want comfortable, flat leather sandals that don’t sacrifice style. With 7 different designs and over 12 colours to choose from, you can plan your holiday outfits to match your Salties and be ready to hot foot it to a host of destinations. City breaks, art galleries, ancient ruins, or relaxing by the pool, wherever you’re planning to walk this Summer, Salt-Water will support you every step of the way.


Sunsan Sandals

The Sun-San range for kids has the same design heritage as Salt-Water but comes on a spongier sole for little feet - a great choice if you’re after a pair of good walking sandals for toddlers. The Sun-San range can also be worn in water, starts with baby sandals in a UK 1/ EU17 and goes up to sandals for girls and boys in youth sizes UK2 / EU34. Sun-San children's sandals are the best sandals for walking and will not only take them from their first steps but onwards, walking, skipping and jumping through all their summer adventures.