Can you wear flat sandals to all formal events?

Friday 24 November 2023
Can you wear flat sandals to all formal events?

Can you wear sandals to the office?

Attitudes towards how we dress have changed dramatically and we’ve been drifting away from formal office dress codes for years. In answer to questions like, can you wear sandals to the office or can you wear sandals to an interview, we say yes absolutely! You just have to think about the overall vibe of your outfit and the type of sandal you choose here is key. By opting for structured leather and avoiding styles that leave your foot too bare you’ll feel appropriately dressed and relaxed in the environment. So maybe avoid slides and look instead to our soft sole range for adults. The Boardwalk style is super comfortable and comes in six great colours. The buckled upper covers enough of the foot while still allowing you to adjust the straps should your feet need more breathing room.
Alternatively, a closed toe sandal like the Salt-Water Shark in a neutral tone would also be a great option. Look at this post about wearing sandals to work for further inspiration.

Can you wear sandals to a mosque?

Exploring new cities, visiting iconic galleries, museums and places of worship means a lot of time on your feet often in very warm climates. A pair of comfortable, flat sandals is essential for travel but there are understandable concerns about wearing sandals in churches and temples and we get a lot of questions about this – specifically - can you wear sandals in the Vatican? Can you wear sandals in a mosque? Can you wear sandals in Temples? Can you wear sandals to church?
Whilst there may be variations from one site to another, an overall rule for visiting religious buildings is to be mindful of what goes on in these places and to dress in a respectful way. Temples and churches have a naturally calm and spiritual atmosphere so wearing long sleeved cotton shirts and loose flowing trousers or long skirts will feel appropriate. Keep shoulders and arms covered and avoid anything that is very tight fitting or insanely bright. Carrying a sarong or sari with you is useful as you can always wrap that around your shoulders or turn it into a skirt.
In mosques and temples it may be necessary to remove your footwear before entering, so something like a slide that you can slip out of easily might be a good idea. You can see our full range of Slide Sandals here.

Can you wear sandals to a funeral?

A funeral is a time for friends and family to grieve together and dressing appropriately shows respect. If you give consideration to your whole outfit, sandals can work well. Salt-Water are presentable and dependable and in any religious setting or place of worship a flat leather sandal is preferrable to a plastic flip flop or anything that is heeled or overly embellished. Avoid slides and opt instead for a smart pair of Boardwalks that cover a good section of the foot and keep colours dark. A pretty blouse with black trousers and a dark jacket or cardigan paired with Boardwalks in claret or black would be ideal.

Can you wear sandals to a wedding?

Our metallic range makes a great option for wedding guests as adding a gold or silver metallic sandal can raise your look to party levels whilst still remaining comfortable and stylish. We have four different shades in the range, see the silver here. And check out this post on Wedding/Party sandals for more ideas.