How to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Salt-Water Sandals

Thursday 21 December 2023
How to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Salt-Water Sandals

How to Choose the Best Sandals for Your Feet

It can be hard to choose the best sandals for your feet and lifestyle. It all depends on what you look for in a sandal. Our sandals offer timeless designs with comfort in mind so we’re sure we have something to suit everyone.

You need to ask these questions to determine what sandal will be best for you:
Do you have narrow feet?
Do you have wide feet?
Is style more important than comfort, or vice versa?
Do you like flat sandals or something with a little more cushion?

The Best Sandals for Everyday Wear

We would recommend our Original Tan as the best sandals for everyday wear. This is the first sandal we ever made back in 1944. The vulcanised rubber sole is ideal for day-to-day wear, with the gorgeous tan leather being the ultimate accessory to any outfit. The Original style is a roomy sandal so ideal if you have wider feet, however even those with narrow feet can wear this iconic sandal.

The Best Sandals for Pregnancy / The Best Sandals for Comfort

Our Sun-San sandals for adults are the ideal sandals for pregnancy (or if you’re seeking some extra comfort). The urethane sole provides extra spongy-ness so you feel like you’re walking on air! Our Sun-San range comes in two styles: The Swimmer and Boardwalk, in an array of beautiful colours.

The Boardwalk would be the best sandals for swollen feet during pregnancy as they have an adjustable strap across the ankle and toes meaning you can tailor the fit to your needs.

Best Sandals for Walking Long Distances

In terms of the best sandals for any kind of long-distance walking we would recommend our full sandals over our sliders. Our full sandals have a supportive ankle strap which means you can walk without worrying about losing a sandal, they are the best sandals for support.

We have our Salt-Water Sandals - flat, hard sole and our Sun-San Sandals - spongy sole. So depending on your needs any of the ankle strap sandals from these collections would be ideal for walking.

All of our sandals are 100% waterproof so you can be worry free on your walks/ hikes if you encounter any puddles, streams or rain!

Best Sandals for Narrow Feet

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Best Sandals for Wide Feet

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