Salt-Water Sandals for Different Occasions - A Style Guide

Thursday 21 December 2023
Salt-Water Sandals for Different Occasions - A Style Guide

Occasion Sandals for Any Event:

Image @ Alyssa Shrock

Why does dressing up have to be uncomfortable? Our designs are the ideal choice for any special event that demands a bit of sophistication. Whether you prefer flat occasion sandals for ultimate comfort, gold occasion sandals for a touch of elegance, or wide fitting occasion sandals for those who struggle to find footwear that fits.

For extra special events such as weddings, our range offers a great choice of sandals for wedding guests who want flat sandals for a wedding. Once again offering both comfort and style so you can dance the night away without having to worry about sore feet.

Comfortable Sandals for Walking:

Image @lisawells00

Enjoy leisurely walks without compromising on style or comfort. Our women’s sandals for walking are perfect for those who prioritize both fashion and functionality. Ready to go straight from the box, no breaking-in required, they are the perfect choice for long strolls or exploring new destinations, proving Salt-Water’s are the ultimate sandals for walking.

Best Sandals for the Beach:

Image @jayne_and_co

Complete your beach look with our waterproof sandals. Walking along sandy shores, scrambling amongst the rock pools or swimming in the sea, our 100% waterproof leather means you can enjoy all of your beach-side activities without having to worry about your sandals. Not only do we have great waterproof sandals for women, we also have children’s waterproof sandals - water fun for all the family!

Comfortable Work Sandals:

Step into the office with confidence and comfort. Our designs are ideal work sandals. Whether you need women's work sandals for days in the office or flat work sandals that combine style and practicality, wearing Salt-Water Sandals means that you stay comfortable during long work hours without compromising your style.

When it comes to versatile footwear, our sandals surpass expectations. They are designed to be worn on holiday, at work, for weddings, formal events and everything in between. With flat and soft sole options (each 100% waterproof), you'll find the perfect pair for every occasion.