Salt-Water Sandals Reviews & Testimonials

Friday 24 November 2023
Salt-Water Sandals Reviews & Testimonials

If you’re new to the brand, firstly Hello!

Salt-Water Sandals are flat leather sandals for women and children. They are 100% waterproof and come in a range of styles and a rainbow of colours. Designed in the 1940’s in America, the Original sandal remains unchanged and has been worn and loved for generations. Over this time, our Salt-Water family has grown and we truly value the support of our community. 

But if you’re reading this and wondering why Salt-Water Sandals are so popular, we’ll let these testimonials and Salt-Water Sandals reviews do the talking......

  • “I have had the same navy-blue Salt-Water sandals for over 10 years. They still look like new and have been in the sea! I love them.” Nova, UK
  • “I love our Salties! Waterproof leather sandals that are super comfy. Perfect for us mamas who gotta chase after our little ones, but still wanna look nice!” Yvonne, Singapore
  • “I just ordered the claret Salt-Water Sandal. I now have about 6 pairs of Salt-Water Sandals. I love them!” Frances Gordon
  • “The only kids leather sandals I buy every year for both my girls. Outstanding quality!” Hayley Hoffin
  • “Love my red Salt-Water sandals and my tan sandals… but maybe this season it’s time for some white and yellow ones too!” Maria Fredriksson
  • “What amazing service, with super speedy delivery! I love Salt-Water Sandals. They look gorgeous and are an excellent fit (having small feet this is not often the case). I can’t wait to try my sandals out in the water!” Naomi Mercer