Happy 80th Birthday Salt-Water Sandals

Friday 17 May 2024
Happy 80th Birthday Salt-Water Sandals
Exciting news everyone! This month, we celebrate our 80th anniversary.

In May 1944, Salt-Water Sandals was born. For 80 years, our sandals have journeyed through generations, becoming a part of countless memories and endless summers. They’ve danced at weddings, explored city streets, trampled festival fields and traveled the world always providing comfort and timeless style.

As we celebrate eight decades, we honour not just the sandals, but every story they've stepped into. To everyone who has walked their journey in our shoes, thank you for making us a part of your story.

Here’s to 80 years of timeless style and many more to come.

Take a trip down memory lane and a peek behind the scenes at The Hoy Factory today: