Visiting Volendam and Marken on your trip to the Netherlands

Wednesday 03 July 2024
Visiting Volendam and Marken on your trip to the Netherlands

Picture this: cute little old-world villages, vibrant traditional attire, and some of the yummiest fresh fish right by the sea! If that's got you intrigued, then the quaint Dutch villages of Volendam and Marken might be your next perfect getaway—or at least a must-add to your bucket list!

Firstly, let's chat about Volendam. This beautiful place is like stepping right into a postcard. The harbour side is lined up with colourful buildings, and the atmosphere is buzzy yet chill (totally possible mix, trust us!). Imagine just strolling along the docks, snapping those holiday photos ice cream in hand as you breathe in that fresh, salty sea air.

The food scene—talk about fresh seafood and those cutest little cafés dotted everywhere! If you are fish fans, Volendam is like the seaside kingdom for you. The local dish is called ‘paling’ (that’s smoked eel!). You will of course also find other traditional Dutch dishes such as apple pie and Stroopwafle.

Now, let’s ferry ourselves over to Marken. It's only a short thirty minute boat ride away from Volendam but feels like a throwback in time. The island (yes, it’s an island) is dotted with adorable green wooden houses, paths and bridges. Walking through Marken feels like a mini adventure, especially if you make your way to the lighthouse.

Both villages, though super tourist-friendly, haven’t lost their old-world Dutch charm. If you want to go full tourist, then dressing up in traditional Dutch clothing for a photo op is a must-do! There are many shops along the harbour that offer this service and it's very fun!

When planning your visit, an ideal time would be late spring or summer. Although a tad busier, the weather is delightful—perfect for exploring without needing a million layers. Both places are ideal if you're also planning to explore more of the Netherlands, given their proximity to Amsterdam.

So, if you've got a weekend to spare or you're thinking of a detour on a trip to Amsterdam consider Volendam and Marken. Who knows? You might just fall in love with the Netherlands even more. We certainly did!